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© 2020 by  Malcolm X Larry Potter

"Waking Dreams" is a one day project where I spent the entire day, from the moment I stepped out of my front door to the moment I got back home 14 hours laters, taking photographs of anything that caught my eye. 

Most of the time when I'm walking around, I avoid capturing 85% of the moments/things that catch my eye usually because I never feel that what i'm looking at wouldn't make a "great" shot to be shared on social media. I find myself simply admiring the aesthetic or feel or humor in all the little moments I tend to walk past as opposed to capturing them. Having a lot of followers on social media that expect certain kinds of content has heavily influenced the kind of photos I take.


I very rarely share any of my street photography and due to that, I find myself not really going out to photograph the moments I find in the streets like I used to. The thought of that is what really made me interested in seeing the end result of this project. Seeing what would happen if I spent the day capturing photos of things I'd normally just admire and walk away from.


All of these images are unedited/raw photos all taken in one day. I began in Chinatown at 8:42am, continued through Bowery and walked half of the Williamsburg Bridge during my cigarette run, then finally into Long Island City where I worked 8 hours and made my way home.