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© 2020 by  Malcolm X Larry Potter

-Shadows               (UnderConstruction)

-Lost                         (UnderConstruction)

-Lonely                    (UnderConstruction)

-New Friends      (UnderConstruction)

I've always wanted to capture a feeling. Past thoughts and sad emotions, desires and contemplations, and all the hurtful experiences.

“The longer she went without speaking, the harder it got to break the silence.”

“Garraty wondered how it would be, to lie in the biggest, dustiest library silence of all, dreaming endless, thoughtless dreams behind your gummed-down eyelids, dressed forever in your Sunday suit. No worries about money, success, fear, joy, pain, sorrow, sex, or love. Absolute zero. No father, mother, girlfriend, lover. The dead are orphans. No company but the silence like a moth's wing. An end to the agony of movement, to the long nightmare of going down the road. The body in peace, stillness, and order. The perfect darkness of death.

How would that be? Just how would that be?”

-Richard Bachman